Group Coaching Session

Believe in your dreams and explore new opportunities. For the first part of 2019 January to June Annakay will be hosting a one day group coaching session every third Sunday of the month .

The first session kick starts on January 20th from 9 am -11  am. For 2 hours Annakay will explore the topics of :-  

Goal Setting  – Goal setting is a action plan which involves motivating individuals to live out their dreams. With goal setting you have a clearer view as to where you are heading in your personal life, and  business life . Goals focuses on the it eliminating distraction, and it provides a benchmark of  determination. 

In accomplishing goals you need to first understand how to set these goals, whether it be for 1 month goal, 2 month goal, 3 month goal, 5 month or a 10 month goal. I know, I know you probably heard, the saying, “ If you want it and it will happen” well actually it doesn’t work that way, you need to construct a concrete plan to make it happens and that’s where I come in. 

Creating A Vision   – Goals fuel our vision, after developing a concrete goal we use the purpose of the goal to construct our vision. We use a process known as the 4 P’s which we will discuss more within this group Coaching Session.  

Overcoming Doubt with Beliefs –  Doubts and fears creeps in when we are close to accomplishing our dreams. We tend to use the doubts and fears to avoid living our best life’s. Throughout this group Coaching Session you will learn about the Table Leg Method to eliminate doubts and fuel them with Beliefs. 

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The most important thing in clarifying your goals is to know how it makes you feel. Are you empowered by your goals? Or you resisted by your goals? 

Grab your tickets today as the purchase guarantee access to the live webinar, copies of worksheets and a copy of my book "EMBRACE YOUR DREAM : MY INGREDIENTS TO SUCCESS".